Sex…SEX…and MORE SEX!!!

While PanKwake was with her dad on Saturday, I did something I should have long ago. No, not sex. I had one of those quickie health assessments at the shopping center. My results? Over the next decade, my risks for heart disease and diabetes is minimal…even given my curvy loveliness.

Even better, the nurse actually asked me if I was over 35 to qualify. I hugged her and told her that I had just celebrated my 50th birthday. She did not believe me, especially when she learned of the stress levels associated with being a single mom to an autistic child. She asked what I did. Of course, I had to keep it sort of PG-rated, something that is never easy for me, but in addition to mentioning running around after dark playing tag in the parks with PanKwake, I slid in a bit more of the truth…lots of Happy O’s.

Then this morning, I saw this on my Facebook friends’ feed and knew I had to share it with all of you…,,20845824,00.html

13…count them lucky thirteen reasons why frequent, good sex can actually benefit your health. It is like I always say…screw a damned apple a day, I’ll take a Happy O a day (and more when I have someone special to share them with) to keep the doctor away. Honestly, if I do go a couple of days without…I can really tell the difference in my mood and even my mental faculties.

And if that was not enough evidence for you, then look at this story about the wife, who gave her husband a special 40th birthday present…sex every day for a year. And that was five years down the line, they were still blissfully happy.

So whether it is alone, with your toys or especially sharing this special gift of health and love with someone you care about, follow Nike’s advice…JUST DO IT…daily…at least. Bets the hell out of nasty tasting vitamins, don’t it?

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