Your Fav Position?

I so love my kinky writer FaceBook and all the memes on there.

Yesterday, I saw this one…

Fuzzy but you get the idea...
Fuzzy but you get the idea…

At one time or the other, I have tried most of them. Some are old faithfuls. Others are good to mix things up. A few are nice for transitioning from one position to another without losing your groove. And some are just down right…funny. Oh please if anyone has actually tried #14…pretty please…tell me, how the fuck is that even possible? But my personal fav is not on here…though #22 comes close. This girl loves the words…face down, ass up, woman.

So what gets your vote? Which unusual one have your tried? Which would you like to?

2 thoughts on “Your Fav Position?

  1. It does appear that #14 would require a great deal of bending on the man’s part. I’m a fan of #11, but that won’t surprise you if you read my novel when it comes out.

    The real trick though would be to write all 23 into one very erotic scene.

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