I Did It!!!

It might have taken me two and a half years BUT my re-written, professionally edited version of my first full-length novel, The Arrangement is now live at Amazon.com. I am so excited about this.

And I really need your support to buy it…and just as importantly review it. Even if you read the original at Literotica, there are almost 30,000 more words and it has been edited by my friend Jim the Brit.


WARNING: As part of a complex plot and story line, this book does contain strong language as well as multiple, graphic sex scenes, including sexual intercourse, oral and anal play (female to male) and BDSM. While the sex is not gratuitous, it is graphic and fetish oriented. Please do NOT purchase or read if such things bother you.

With the loss of his wife, SEAL leader Daniel Monroe finds himself grounded with four girls to command. It is a job that proves too big even for this stalwart Commander. When he calls in the reserves, his mama and the wife of his best friend, they come up with a different kind of solution – find him a new wife and mother for the girls on-line.

Jill Smith has dedicated her life to caring for others and raising her family. She lived in exile for a quarter of a century, the very American wife of a Royal Marine. Now with her husband dead and her sons grown, she is homesick with a hole the size of Texas in her heart. She is a mother with no one to look after. What’s a girl to do when she sees a handsome officer and four beautiful daughters with no one to care for and love them?

The surprisingly old-fashioned, yet modern, solution to their problems is an arranged marriage. Can ‘the arrangement’ built on shared values, goals and needs withstand the burning heat and wild kink that they create between the sheets…in the shower…on the kitchen counter tops?

To make matters worse, as Jill delves deeper into the supposed suicide of Daniel’s wife, near-miss accidents begin to plague the family. Is it just coincidence or someone trying to keep the truth hidden?

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