I don’t want a Dom, I need a Man…

I wrote and published this piece over six months ago at FetLife. It was the very first thing I wrote after logging in for the first time in months. So I was shocked when it made Kinky & Popular, something I have done only once before. In the end it earned over 1,600 likes and had 240 comments…

Over two years ago, I met this amazing couple. I am sure they are tired of hearing the story, but it had such an impact upon me that I have to keep telling it anyway. They had been married more than twenty-five years…and He was her Master, she his slave.

Yet He taught me in a single moment what it meant to be a Master and a Man. And never again will I ever settle for anything else. You see when she started to feel unwell He knelt before her. A Master on His knees…and I shall never again kneel to man (or woman) who would not do so in that situation. Was He submitting to her? Hell, no, He was caring for, protecting, cherishing and loving what was His. I shall never again allow myself to love a man who does not love me with that same passion.

So here are just a few of my thoughts on what it takes to be a man like He was…

Says it all...
Says it all…

A Dom thinks ‘kneel bitch’ are powerful words…a man knows that ‘I am sorry’ are the most powerful ones he will ever need…and is not ashamed to use them.

A Dom gives pain…a man feels pain when you are hurting.

A Dom commands obedience…a man earns your respect.

A Dom takes what is his…a man gives of himself without reservation.

A Dom owns…a man loves.

Luckily for us subbie girls, sometimes on very rare occasions you can find two-for-one sales and get the Dom along with the man. But hold out for that sale, girlfriends…because one ain’t worth a damn without the other.

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