Need Your Help…Please…

I am getting ready to release my 1st full length (at 130,000 plus words…super-length actually) novel. The Arrangement that I originally wrote the rough draft at Literotica will be exclusive to Amazon Kindle on or before the 4th of July. I mean, what could be more patriotic than an über HOT Navy SEAL single father rediscovering love and his sexuality after a disastrous marriage? With thirty thousand new words, professional edits and a recipe in each chapter, it will be well worth the $2.99 USD…or yes, money back.

But before I can get there…I need a cover. And you know me. When have I ever taken the easy or conventional track? So instead of purchasing a half naked man with his big gun for the cover art, I got a friend to take photographs of things from the story…with special meanings. Then another friend is helping me to take that image and turn it into a cover. I took all the ones that friend did and with the help of those close to me (thank you MJ, Maggie and Sean) and have narrowed it down to just two.

Here is where I need you…help me choose which to finish up with the titles and a few effects. Anyone voting…has the chance to win a $10 Amazon gift certificate just by doing what comes naturally…giving an opinion. So all those who comment on this post between now and Saturday will be entered into the drawing to win.

This one called Light Blur...
This one called Light Blur…


This one called Gun Grey
This one called Gun Grey

Get ready, get set…and GO!

5 thoughts on “Need Your Help…Please…

  1. going to vote for the light blur because i really like it and want it to win also how many votes are allowed per person?

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