Talk Dirty to Me, Baby…

Dirty talk has been a mainstay of Ægir’s Captive and Bride, but as I am editing The Arrangement I am struck by how ‘silent’ sex is with these two…at least in the beginning. So I am editing I find myself slipping in a few…sweet cunts and tight pussies just for good measure. But that got me talking with my editor about dirty talk and romance.

A couple of weeks ago I had one of those ‘friend of a friend’ tell me to get in contact with a publisher friend of his. I sent the publisher a chapter from Ægir’s Bride. His first reaction was that it was too strong for his ‘EROTIC romance’ line. I was like…what the fuck? Trust me sometimes I think I go ruining my good porn with too much romance (except we know there is no such thing, right ladies?).

But at the same time…who the fuck says that dirty talk ain’t romantic? Nothing is hotter than the words…Who does this cunt belong to, slut? From the right man…in THAT voice. Not only does it make you wet…and sometimes is enough just to make you come…but it also stops your fucking heart, propels it up into your throat and makes you choke out the magic words… ‘Yours, Sir.’ And here is a secret for Harlequin, Mills & Boones…and all those wanna-bes…that is true romance for real couples.


Oh yes...preach it sister.
Oh yes…preach it sister.

It is raw and real…you have become comfortable enough with one another to say things that others might think of as dirty…but you know this person will accept you. That is romance. Being safe enough with someone to know that they accept that nasty side of you…nothing beats that. Except maybe the connection of ownership in those words. To know that this person wants you on that guttural a level is true romance.

As is…fuck me harder…your cock/cunt tastes so fucking good…that’s right, slut, suck my cock. In the context of a loving and committed relationship, there is nothing humiliating, dirty or vulgar about any of that. Hell, it ain’t even kinky…that is just good vanilla sex.

Now, of course, you know you have a real keeper when after you both fuck until you drop, he wraps his arms about you as you listen to his heart pounding just beneath your ear and he kisses the top of your head and whispers…I love you…so fucking much. Those you hang onto…at all costs. Cause that is REAL romance…and the stupid publishers…should try it some damned time, maybe then they would get the pickle out their ass. Did they forget that EROTIC comes before romance?

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