Historically, there has been a recognition of polygamy…one husband with many wives. Hell, even the bible is full of it. Sisters even…all twelve tribes of Israel stem from the polygamist lives of Jacob and his wives Leah and Rachel with their handmaidens Bilhah and Zilpah. Then there is King David…even though we think most often of Bathsheba, she was just one of many wives. His son Solomon… Hell, modernity has brought it into our living rooms with My Four (or is it Five?) Wives.

But history and sociology has virtually ignored its counterpart…polyandry. Until recently the myth was perpetuated that this unusual relationship structure existed only in Nepal and parts of China and India. But recently sociologists have documented that it is a common deviation among most indigenous cultures.

And from a purely biological perspective it makes much more sense…a man has one cock and a tongue…fingers if he is hard pressed for a maximum pleasure ratio of one to four. And he can usually come a limited number of times (being generous here ladies). A woman has three holes and two hands for a pleasure ratio of one to five…and there is no upper limit to her orgasmic pleasure.

In porn…the ratio of threesomes between MFF and MMF is pretty even with a slight tendency to gangbangs over girl-on-girl action. And in erotic romance…it is one of the most popular sub-genres going. Just look at the success of Masters of Menage with Shayla Black and Lexi Blake. Come on (and on…and on…and on), girls…the old tired threesome is no longer just a male fantasy. We want it too…in spades.

Heaven? Nirvana...utopia!
Heaven? Nirvana…utopia!

But here is the question…could it really work? Not a casual gangbang or one-off with hubby’s old army buddy from out of town…and not cuckoldry here…but honest to goodness polyandry between equals. Could two (or more) men share what was theirs? And especially if neither was submissive as is the case with most cuckolds. Could two Doms do it the way Sven, Mikael and Bjorn do in Ægir’s Captive and Bride or the Master of Menage series?

I know it has all us girls fanning ourselves at the possibility of being sandwiched between two strong Doms…or spitfired…or oh the possibilities… But could it work? Really work as a loving relationship?

11 thoughts on “Polyandry?

    1. While I am personally a one-man kinda girl (even if I ain’t found him), I distinguish poly of any type from cheating/infidelity because of the openness/honesty involved. The lies and broken trust is the worst part of cheating.

      1. Its more hype actually I guess no one can tolerate His or her partner to be shared its psychological ,its like trauma unfortunately porn promotes it as they are being paid for it

      2. Just imagine in this hectic life person doesn’t has stamina and time to mate with one ,how can it be possible with multiple ,its very fantasising

  1. i do believe that it can work but just like your story and many others it will take a few things
    1) a woman(women)/man(men) who is strong enough to separate her love and attention equally
    2) time for the men/women to come to grips with sharing and being patient and forgiving
    3) a big enough house
    4) help lots of it whether it be from friends, family or neighbors every little bit helps
    5) and lots of food and rest in order to keep up with them 😉
    i just hope that kristy can get the last one i would like to see what she does a full day and night without any of them see how she thinks and acts alone

    1. That comes in the next book…when they ALL go back to sea. Add to that a bad bit of PMSing and good thing that Petrine has Chocolate Cherry Gracia ice cream and the 7 Brides for 7 Brothers video for them to laugh and cry over. Girls’ night in…lol.

      1. I would’ve she’d be pregnant oh well and I love the musical u have seen it like 20 times my favorite song is “spring, spring, spring”

      2. Nope…can’t give Sven what he wants that damned easy, now can i? He shall just have to wait a bit longer for ‘his’ son…or ‘baby’ brother’s daughter. Maybe even ‘rope’ poor Mikael into ‘sperm wars’?

  2. I don’t think he needs to rope Mikael into anything because he’s already loosing the battle and if anything I hope it’s mikel’s child I think that would be best for all 3?

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