Ægir’s Bride Update…

The latest chapter of Ægir’s Bride posted today…and I am relieved to see that you all are not growing bored with these guys. Because as someone said:

I hope this is a long, long story of love and redemption and hope!

Good thing too…as this story is really just begun. What I had thought of as one book…just keeps growing like a snow ball. And I am as enthralled as all of you seem to be.

The simple truth is that love…transparency/honesty…relationships are not built in a day…no matter how attracted you are to someone. It is impossibly hard opening up. Especially for someone like Kirsty with body image issues and the mother from hell (no spoilers).

That is the thing with all relationships sometimes it is easier as Kirsty has discovered to…

Good Girl

Than it is to be naked…physically or emotionally.

Whether it be pain or pleasure…they come easier than honesty/transparency. Good news is that they can build it up…given time. No need to rush things….

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