Big Five-0

So here it is…the big day that I have been dreading for weeks…months. And the sun still shines. PanKwake woke me up at four in the morning…because Minecraft was updating. She got diamond axes though. So I guess all is good?  And in a bit we are celebrating with a trip to the zoo. Over all…not as bad as I feared.

But last night…I got the best birthday present of them all…Hope. That wishes do come true…but not telling you what I will be wishing for when I blow out all those damned candles. Although I am sure that they cannot put that many on it. It is a chocolate one from Baskin-Robbins…so it would melt the ice cream if they did…lol.

I will post pics from my party tomorrow and Subday here and on Twitter…so enjoy. So Big Five-0…kiss my still decent, lily white a$$…

A couple of years ago...but yeah it is still not bad...for a woman of ...(29)
A couple of years ago…but yeah it is still not bad…for a woman of …(29)

One thought on “Big Five-0

  1. Happy birthday! Isn’t it funny that when the day arrives it looks and feels like any other day? And you feel the same as you did yesterday? Have a wonderful day at the zoo.

    And yeah, not bad at all!

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