My Other Prezzie…

Yesterday, I showed you what I bought myself for the Big Five-0. Today I will show you what my oldest son and future daughter-in-law are getting me. This is the Greta I told you about…the one that I corrupted into sending my son naughty pics via text (though not yet of her…these are FaceBook semi-naughty ones but baby steps). My oldest daughter had already warned me that they wanted to know what to get me. But I value things so little that I had no answer. And Greta made it even harder when she said…

Something you really want but would never buy yourself…

Meet Sulis…a Celtic life-giving goddess and agent of curses.

She is the pretty purple version of Thor that Bjorn used on Kirsty in Chapter 5 of Ægir’s Bride…and this is the man he got them from…a real artist named Jack whose floggers are famous. If you are ever in London…or Brighton when the Alternative Markets are on…it is worth the cost of admission just to hold one of Jack’s Floggers in your hand. I am sure that Bjorn…and I will be back for more.

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