It has been a bit of a lazy Sunday…though my Ægir’s Bride fans will be happy to know that I did write more today. Sven and Bjorn had words actually. Since I am being lazy, I will simply tease you a bit with some of what Sven has to say to his ‘baby’ brother:

Sven or Atlas as Kirsty thinks of him
Sven or Atlas as Kirsty thinks of him

“Here is a bit more of honesty for you. Do you think that you can bait us? Draw me and Mikael into this mess that I watched almost tear my uncles apart and then just change your fucking mind? Neither one of us would have objected if you wanted to marry her the ‘normal’ way. Hell, we would have danced at your fucking wedding.”

“But if you think you are the only one that has acquired a taste for that sweet, tight cunt of hers, then you are crazy. And if you think that either Mikael or I are going to just move aside so you can have her all to yourself…go fuck yourself, baby brother. You started this…so fucking learn to live with it.”

He drew in a deep cleansing breath and forced his hands to loosen from the fists that he had been clutching at his sides, “So move the fuck out of my way…in more ways than one, baby brother.”

On and half the time when I try to type Sunday on my phone…it comes out Subday. Think that is some kind of Freudian slip?

Oh, well Happy Subday to you…hope it was good.

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