I like my men tortured…

No, the little sub has not gone all Domme on you. I did not say that I liked to torture my men. Just that I like them tortured. Scarred even. Whether those scars be physical or emotional.

The other week, I shared with you my favorite Dom/sub from television…Khal Drago and Daenerys Targaryen. So it won’t surprise you that today my top list of the men I’d take as lovers…also come from the show Game of Thrones. Actually the reason is…that is the only television show or book I have time to read right now between writing, editing and PanKwake. So maybe there are others… but you are stuck with Game of Thrones until I finish it…and only into Season 3 of the show and the second book so far. You ready for this…

3) Jorah Mormont – Poor Jorah…in love with Daenerys, but who can possibly fill Khal’s shoes…wait boots…how about saddle? So he is friend-zoned. That actually reminds me of a cartoon I saw on Facebook the other day. This woman said a prayer something along the lines of…I want a boyfriend, who is kind, sweet and caring. Down flies this angel with a note that…you friend-zoned him, bitch. And that is poor Jorah’s story…an ex-wife who only wanted his money and a love that is unattainable. His scars are emotional. But when I took this silly test to find my ideal man came up as Jorah…because of loyalty…but all these guys have that in spades….so…

Yeah...scars are sexy on men.
Yeah…scars are sexy on men.

2) Tyrion Lannister – with quotes like…”The mind needs books like the sword needs a whetstone,” “Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you,” and “Death is so final. Life is full of possibilities” who could not love the man? The truth is that he is a perfect balance to me. Like Ned Stark, I am too honorable for my own good sometimes. But Tyrion…he is just as idealistic but tempered with logic, prudence and realism. As a result, he gets things accomplished while Ned and I get our heads chopped off. And besides ladies, come on a dwarf…he could fuck you and still be in the perfect position to suck your tits at the same time. Or better yet…think about where his mouth is going to fall when standing up? Right at the perfect level to…snack, shall we say. But hands down…

1) The Hound (Sandor Clegane) – Oh, yes the most scarred of them all, folks. Imagine…half your face burned away as a child…by your brother…for playing with his toy…that he did not even want anymore. Then imagine living with those scars while he gets the titles, the glory and the family home. Imagine serving a bratty prince…doing things you had to simply because you were following orders. But still through all that…the man finds a way to protect as much of the innocents as he can. Even when they do not appreciate it, even when they cannot stand to look at him, even when they hate him. Oh hell yeah, you keep your wolves in sheep’s clothing…give me a bad ass sheep in wolf’s clothing any day.

Not that any of my guys in Ægir’s Captive/Bride would be like that? Heaven forbid…

Oh, and since he got his hand chopped off, woke up a bit to reality…you can add Jaime Lannister to the list at number 4…hell, Kirsty ain’t the only one with a thing for brothers…I’ll take both Tyrion and Jaime. At the same time…oh, wait, Kirsty and her men ain’t got around to those good bits yet. But I am sure they will.

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