Touch Myself…

Okay…so busy today writing intensely emotional Petrine/Rachel crap for Ægir’s Bride that I am late with my blog…and borrowing from FaceBook. (If you have not friended me there…follow my link or But today another of my delightful writer friends…and the girl may have a mouth as big as mine…had this on her feed:

Oh please let it be true!
Oh please let it be true!

So…girls…are you practicing all those 7 Types of Female Orgasms that I wrote about last month? Guys too? Though you don’t get 7…hmmm, maybe another series on the male orgasm? What you think?

I will never forget my 47th birthday. My older daughter and I went to the West End. She bought me a haircut…way too expensive one. Then we went to a late lunch at Fridays. We had the most amazing waitress. A woman about my age with rainbow…pink/purple/blue hair. She did not even mind when we kept hanging around people watching and chatting while we waited for the play to begin.

Anyway, she overheard us talking about sex…well, actually me not getting any since I had left my ex. We joked about masturbation being the only sex I got. And her answer was such a prize…she quoted someone the gist of which was that masturbation was sex with someone you love and respect every single time. I have never forgotten that.

So here I am three years later back to celibacy…or as much of it as this girl can handle…because I suppose true celibacy would mean no masturbation either…and I could never do that. Oh by the way, a little birdie told me that May is Masturbation Month.

So here is another song to celebrate…

Celebrate Masturbation with love…self-love. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be in a couple or more some…no reason that you cannot celebrate together. I so love watching a man wank.

2 thoughts on “Touch Myself…

    1. There are several covers to it. I choose that one simply because it is the one which I am most familiar.

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