Secrets of another kind…

Chapter 6 of Ægir’s Bride posted to Literotica this morning. It contains one of the most intense love scenes I have ever written. The only ones even close are Sergeant Mike and Esther (Esther’s Story). And I was talking with my friend and editor about this story that just keeps snow balling and stretching. I told him…

I realize I have a niche (audience) for whom I am one of the few writers who produce what they want to read. Because…

I do not write erotica.

I do not write romance.

I do not write erotic romance.

I write…life…love…laughter….and pain.

There always has to be pain. How else would you truly and honestly value the others?

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There will always be loads of hot primal sex. Kink that is not about role playing games but deep dark needs that are as much a part of them as breathing.

My writing is so full of raw fucking emotions that sometimes I feel like I must either get it out or drown in it.

I write relationships. Not the head games and mind fucks that we do to one another and call relationships. I write about people’s struggles to be open and honest…not just with their lover but themselves.

If looking at our bodies is hard enough, then our examining our souls is like looking in a funhouse a long twisting path that we do not even know where it ends.
If looking at our bodies is hard enough, then our examining our souls is like looking in a funhouse mirror…at a long twisting path that we do not even know where it ends.

And that is hard folks…to stand in front of an emotional mirror and look at all those scars and emotional fat weighing you down. That is even harder to come to terms with than a mere piece of glass and the flawed body that you see in it.

But those…secrets of another kind…are worth examining and exploring too.

Thank all of you, who take that journey with me. Thank you for your votes and your comments at Literotica. Thank you for your emails and your tweets. Thank you for being strong enough, willing enough to take this journey into the depths of Helveti with me. Sometimes I think that the only path to Valhalla goes straight through it.

I do need to let you know…the story will be slowing a bit…the emotions that these characters are expressing are intense. Where once I could write three thousand words in a single day, now it is little more than half that. Which most authors would still think is a good pace. So expect the remaining chapters of Bride to come at about one per week…sorry. But it is not just hours in the day, but emotional wells running dry too. But hang in there…it will get done. Otherwise they will drive me insane running around in my head…and trust me the surprises are just starting, folks.

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