What Memorial Day Really Means…

I have been searching through the web and my FaceBook for the right pic or saying to express what I want to this Memorial Day. I cannot find it. Everything I find is god bless America, has a bible or war. And that is not me. So I decided to tell you what Memorial Day is to me…

I am a pacifist at heart. I want to believe in a utopia where we have all evolved and peace, harmony and love reign. But I know that as a species few can match the viciousness of homo sapiens. So I recognize that we need someone to defend and protect us.

I am not sure what I am anymore, but pagan comes as close as I can find. So Memorial Day is not about some male god who spends three-quarters of the bible judging and smiting then sends this lamb to the slaughter. Not that I don’t believe in Jesus…I do. Historical evidence is there…prophet, good man…like I said I don’t know what I am. But I know that churches/religion forget who he was and what he taught.

It is not even about the flag, patriotism or America. I have been gone from ‘home’ so long I do not know if it even is anymore. I do remember what my Papa Curt said to me when I was fifteen, ‘You can never appreciate America until you have seen other countries.’ And I do…I miss things. I am just not sure if those things are real anymore.

It sure as hell ain’t about conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. That was the problem though, I would find a sentiment that I liked and then click on the link and it would take me someplace that was against everything else that I believed in.

It is not about war either. Whether those wars are just (not that the idealist in me is even sure that such as thing exists) or for greedy or political reasons. I was a child of Vietnam. I remember those horrid pictures on television and the nasty names they called soldiers returning. I have walked in peace protests…and I would again. But that does not mean I do not respect those who serve.

So this is a big THANYOthe men, women and families, who are just doing their job.

Who know that all those FREEDOMs like gay marriage or the right to protest it…there is nothing FREE about it.

To those who give their all then come home to discover that their country has taken it all for granted.

To those who paid the ultimate price for our rights…and the mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives and especially the children they left behind.

To those who wake in their beds at night shaking, who still smell, taste, hear and see it all in their dreams. 

You are what this day is about…not our country, not the flag, not a political party or ideology…YOU!

May the Goddess (or whoever/whatever you believe in) bless, keep and heal you and yours each and every day.

This is especially dedicated to those whom I know and care about who have or are serving (be that USA or UK)…

Papa Curt (US Navy retired – Vietnam): We may have shared no blood, I might have been a teenager before you became the closest thing to a grandfather I ever knew, but you showed me something about love…you never gave up on Gran-Gran or that awkward, shy teenage girl that always was looking for a man to fill the whole that her father left in her heart when he went out for cigarettes and never came back. You taught me as much in the way you died as you did in the way you lived. I hope you have found peace.

Y3N (whatever that means) Jeff (US Navy): My beloved eldest, do you have any idea how proud I am of the man you have become? I know that I have nicknamed (yet again) Mister Stability, but I say that with pride and love. I know that your job is not always glamorous or easy, but it is necessary…and I appreciate you for being the type of man who not only does it, but does it with his whole heart…and does it right. Oh, and you have damned good taste in women too.

Marco (USMC retired Iraq/Afghanistan): The man who showed me that I had not lost my mojo after a disastrous marriage that left me feeling like half a woman. I know that we were on different paths in this life, that we could never be what the other needed. But those three weeks truly were Olympian for me thanks to you. In the words of Dolly Parton…I hope you find all that you dream of, but above all this I wish you love.

Dave (British special forces…he’d have to kill you if he told you): My best friend’s husband…you who showed me what it truly meant to be a Master when you knelt so protectively at the feet of your sub, your wife of twenty eight years and the mother of your children. Even if I never know that kind of love for myself, you showed me a glimpse of heaven on this earth.

Myker (British Army retired Afghanistan): My friend and ‘baby’ Dom…you know though I say that with love…there is nothing baby about you. You know more about being a loving, caring Dom and Master than men twice your age…and we both know that. I wish above all else that you find a sub worthy of your gift of Domination…and able to manage your sadistic fuck side too. Tall order though it is.

MJ (Royal Marines): My new friend, editor and bit of a mentor. Thank you for challenging me to be a better writer, but even more than this…thank you for being a friend.

Sean (USMC retired Iraq): I never know what to say about you. To call you my friend never seems to cover it. How about I simply say…one day I want to know, truly know, this thing between us…one way or the other. For now…thank you for being there when sub brain kicks my ass.

And if I missed you…do not be ashamed to comment or message me. Remember I am getting older so remind me.

Sorry to my Brit friends…but no one has written a specific song…but this one is for you too…just say a Brit soldier…the colors as still red, white and blue anyway.

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