Memorial Weekend Special – Part 3

Yesterday, I shared the short story that first won my first prize at Literotica. But like so many stories in my head, I just could not leave it alone. Mike…and Esther just kept talking in my head. Their pain ate at me…their story needed to be told…and still does. No story that I have ever written so illustrates those core values that I spoke about the other day…this is a true love story of two people in pain, who discover that pain is not so heavy a burden when it is shared.

That short story that I kicked out in a single morning became:

Esther’s Story

My Country Tis of Thee

Both of these are FREE downloads at Smashwords.

I hope to update them and re-release for the 4th of July…and Labor’s End will be out by Labor Day. This is a story just won’t leave me alone.

Oh…and I love my Navy SEALs but nothing hotter than a Marine, ladies. Ooh Rah!!! They always inspire me to wrap myself in Old Glory and kneel…

Thank all who serve... Freedom don't come free.
Thank all who serve… Freedom don’t come free.

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