Memorial Weekend Special…

Since I now live in the UK, I miss some of the BEST US holidays…like Thanksgiving, Labor Day, 4th of July (of course) and Memorial Day. So I had totally forgotten that this was a long Memorial Day weekend. Good for you…you are getting two posts today and I am writing and scheduling the others…

For the next four days, I am giving my hot Vikings a holiday and focusing upon my über HOT All-American heroes. Honestly, I write more Navy SEALS and sexy Marines than I do any other genre. So if you have not discovered some of them…I will be introducing them to you this weekend. Because this site is now officially…RED, WHITE AND BLUE…Stars and Stripes forever.

Living in the England, apologizing for being American is one of the hardest things. Brits are always ‘taking the piss’ out of me for it. But I don’t care…I’m Proud to Be An American 

So let me begin with a tribute to the men, women and FAMILIES who serve both my home the USA and adopted UK… I would like to introduce to Jill Smith and Commander Daniel Monroe. The whole story is available at Literotica, but I am giving you all a special peak of the new, improved and edited version that I will be releasing as an ebook later this year.

The Arrangement

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