How to get the girl…

1. Make her laugh.
2. Protect her. Fiercely.
3. Possess her mind.
4. Make her the only one.
5. Kiss her like you mean it.

Kisses that curl your toes are just another way of saying...Good Girl.
Kisses that curl your toes are just another way of saying…Good Girl.

And if all else fails, play one of her favorite songs, drag her into the rain to dance, and kiss her so ferociously that her knees give out.

If that fails, clearly, you suck at kissing.

Original writing by mncowgirl

I saw this writing at K&P (Kinky & Popular at FetLife again)…and I thought…yeah, someone GETS it. The D/s dynamic is just a part of the relationship. Okay, maybe a huge part if like me you could not be in a ‘vanilla’ relationship. But that does not mean that Dom alone…no matter how good a Dom he is…will be enough.

Women still look for and need all those other things too…like kissing. And loving her mind. Laughter. Protection. Love. When you have those straight, then domination is delicious icing on the cake of your relationship.

2 thoughts on “How to get the girl…

  1. I believe very strongly in Dom/sub. I want to be a Dom who has one purpose, to make my sub the most fulfilled woman on this planet. I want her to give herself to me totally, because she knows I will. Respect and D/S are not exclusive.

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