Best D/s on TV…

And the winners are…

What D/s should be...a loving partnership.
What D/s should be…a loving partnership.

Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen

Why you ask?


1) He bends…he is not so wed to being Khal that he cannot or will not place her needs above tradition or how others see him.

2) He knows he is Dom enough and has nothing to prove to anyone else.

3) He is PROUD of her…he takes great pride in not just her beauty, but her mind and her strength…and he died to prove it.

4) What he says goes…but he always listens to what she has to say too.

5) He loves her…and is not ashamed to show it. Isn’t that really what all subs need?

And for little more than a child, she is a damned good sub and shieldmaiden…

1) She never questions his authority…especially in front of others.

2) But she is also not afraid to speak her mind…challenge him and help him grow.

3) Having said that…she understands that what he says goes.

4) She will do anything to please him…even eating a damned horses heart…RAW!

5) She respects him…and isn’t that what all Doms need?

I have to say I am heartbroken at their unhappy ending. In essence, these two die for one another. He to protect and honor the strength that he built…the woman that he loved and created from a child. And she? She gave everything to try and hold onto this man. When she could not, she sent him on his way herself as he had taught her honor must do. Then from the fires and ashes, he gave her new life and sent her on her way stronger than she ever had been. He once more rebuilt what was his…and no matter what…always will be.

And for my Ægir’s Captive fans…note that this partnership and that is what makes it so special…began as NonConsent to…married to him or not. That first time (and quite a few afterwards) were more rape than anything that happened with Kirsty’s reluctance.

3 thoughts on “Best D/s on TV…

  1. Tara, my dear, I am an unschooled and uneducated barbarian. Would you tell me what show these fantastic characters are in?

    Kind regards,

    1. Games of Thrones…but the George R R Martin books that inspired the TV show are even better. Like me, he breaks the modern publishing mold and goes deep into the thoughts of the characters. I only watch the show because I don’t have time to read for writing…and to look at Khal maybe…lol.

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