7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #7

Combination — Basically this is achieved by combining two or more of the mentioned types of orgasms with the ultimate goal of achieving a super-gasm. This one can be fun to experiment with your partner. How many can you personally combine? How intense is the sensation? My record, you ask? Let’s see, when I first read that Cosmo article my lover at the time set out to find out. If my count is correct, we managed to combine nipple, clitoral, deep cervical and anal for a grand slam home run. Of course, we had help from a few sex toys. Or alternatively for the adventurous among us, multiple partners.

Speaking of which…how many do you think Sven…Bjorn…and Mikael…could give Kirsty…if they triple teamed her? I am going with six…simply because I am not sure that you can hit the g-spot and deep cervical at the same time. But I am sure that they will give it their best shot… shots… Good question, girls…how many Happy Os can she give them?

So the simple moral of this story is that with a variety of options available to us, there is no reason that any woman should not enjoy as much orgasmic delight as she wants. (Except the ones between her ears…which unfortunately are the only ones that really count.) Sometimes that can be within the confines of a loving and committed relationship. Other times it may be through wild, once-in-a-lifetime experiments such as multiple partners. Hmmm…brothers… (Have I you ask? Twice…once identical twins). But it can also be achieved in our quiet, solitary moments with our own touch or toys. But whatever type or however you achieve, do come…again…and again…and again.

*** Apologies to all of you who have been commenting. I am newish to this so I kept wondering…why so many likes and no comments? I did not realize that they do NOT show as comments until I approve them. From now on I know how to check that out and will do so and respond to you all quicker. I appreciate the dialogue….which is why I love blogging almost as much as I love writing…and I wrote all of Chapter 4 today and posted to Lit. Will update you via Twitter when it posts.

3 thoughts on “7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #7

  1. can’t wait to read chapter 4 and i think (hypothetically) that a cervical and g-spot orgasms are achievable if fingers are used also i think that she can give them a minimum of 3 orgasms each 🙂

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