7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #6

We have already touched upon this one when Bjorn began training Kirsty to orgasm on demand…but this time…I will go a bit deeper. So here is all I knew about such things back then (about seven years)…

No hands, Ma — Also called a dream-gasm, this type is the equivalent of a teenage boy’s wet dreams. During sleep, dreaming or intense altered mental consciousness such as meditation, some women report the ability to achieve orgasmic release without physical touch of any type. Have I you ask? A couple of times, but generally I lack the patience when I can come so much quicker by touching myself or having a partner do so. I suppose the best way to experiment with this one is definitely alone, ladies. Pull that super-hot romance off the shelf and curl up with it before bed time. Allow your mind to take over and see what can happen.


Now I look at my naivete and laugh…a big belly one. The name is…MINDgasm. And boy are the damned things intense. As I said when I wrote about Bjorn training Kirsty, I am VERY conflicted on these.

1) I do not know if it is possible for a woman to ‘train’ herself. Theoretically, I suppose it must be. Although on some level, I think…how do you get that deep inside your own mind and keep your sanity.

2) These things are the crack cocaine of Happy Os. A powerful and addictive drug with equally bad side effects.

3) The worst of those side effects is being unable to orgasm at all without permission or the trigger…and trust me when that relationship ends…that is… speechless on this one.

4) Once you have been conditioned, it is virtually impossible to completely de-condition.

Having said ALL of that…these things are still MIND blowing. If the clitoral orgasm is a slow steady build up, brief burst of pleasure, then return to normal. Then these things are instant high…those words are all it takes…really is “no hands, ma.” And you stay there…much longer, stronger and I was reminded recently…the g-spot is NOT the only thing that can make me squirt. Then it is a slow decline back to normal…almost an out of body experience. I miss them. I really miss them.

Luckily for Kirsty, Bjorn read my story that made K&P on FetLife. He takes this seriously. He understands and knows the fire that he is playing with. And most importantly, he willing accepts responsibility for what he is doing inside of his sub’s mind. And that is the ONLY way this girl gives that power away.

Not that I do not get blind-sided once in a while…like I said full de-conditioning is ‘impossible.’ My trigger was not as imaginative as Bjorn’s ‘my sweet Freya’ which it is highly unlikely anyone other than he would ever say. So a couple of my lovers have stumbled on to it. More than a couple actually, but the one thing I will say about my mind…she is picky…there must be a degree of real trust and attraction for it to work. I will also say that once you have been trained to one command…your mind is open in some way to this sort of ‘meddling.’ I had another Dom after the one that trained me…and it just happened without any training with him.

Still too many unanswered questions in my own mind with this one, folks.
Still too many unanswered questions in my own mind with this one, folks.

I still do not know how to end this…possibly because I personally do not have closure on this type of Happy O…put it bluntly…I hate being this vulnerable (more so than any other kind even) and I LOVE and crave this kind of intimacy.

Tomorrow is our final Happy O…well, I sure as hell hope not. But you know what I mean. Then I want to go a bit deeper into Kirsty’s mind…that Anon has been at it again. How can she just cave like this? Doesn’t she have any boundaries? What did these guys do to deserve her trust…besides being super hot and not killing her? Those are some really good questions…and a plot hole that I will close in Ægir’s Captive before I publish it. But I also think it may be a good time to look at this thing we call…submission.

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    I include this because everything else Tara has written chimes such a chord with me. My only comment is that I can still have wet dreams. Not often, but in anticipation of a new liaison I have done.

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