7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #4

Anal — This one basically is seen as stimulating the g-spot from another angle through the penetration and stimulation of the anus. I will say that anal sex may not be for everyone and that it may take time and patience for a woman enjoy this type of stimulation. My best advice for experimenting with this one is to begin slowly. I recommend that the couple try foreplay, oral and vaginal intercourse. Then when the man is sufficiently stimulating and within a few minutes of reaching orgasm attempt anal penetration. Of course, the bit about using lots of lube goes without saying. For me, this one ranks as a take or leave experience that is reserved for special occasions. If the g-spot was a Big Mac then this is filet mignon.


That is the unedited version from…seven years ago. I warned you that my opinions had changed…so here is the updated version…

My own history with anal sex has been a mixed bag. I first tried it when I was 19 with that first love…the one you will do anything for (oh wait, I’m a sub…that is all of them). BIG mistake…the guy was close to eight inches and thick. His first time doing it too. It was attempted with female on top…one of the worst positions for this one. And the only lube…was natural shall we say. Can you say PAIN?

Is it any wonder that it was another fifteen…yes 15…years before I tried it again. Oh, and my first ex-husband was so pissed…he had begged for the whole fourteen years we were married. We get divorced and a couple of months later I’m giving it up to someone else.

But the thing is that yesterday…I told you guys who are on the small side of average…or not…that I had good news for you today…this is it. My partner this time was that…I doubt he made the five inches that is considered the lower end of average. BUT he was still an excellent lover…why? He used his tongue, he had toys…first man who ever used a Hitachi on me…and most of all, he gave a shit about his partners pleasure. Not even a size queen will complain about a lover like that. So when he suggested we try, I trusted him enough to stop if I said no. It was not ‘no’ this girl was saying…but ‘OH.’ As in Happy O. This has become my pattern over the years…what won’t get er done one way…will another. Some of my best lovers have been ‘smallish’ and hit that special spot from the back side. They never complained either.

A couple of MUST-haves for good anal sex
A couple of MUST-haves for good anal sex

With my first real BDSM relationship…the guy was NOT small. And I was not as happy to give it up, but he was my Dom so it was not like I had a choice. Wise man that he was (sometimes anyway) bought me a prezzie…a purple butt plug. Anal training began. He would tell when to wear it and for how long. And overtime it became easier for me to enjoy it even with his higher end of average size.

I still sort of see this one as filet mignon…I ain’t going there with just anyone. But it is definitely why I always say…try everything TWICE. You never know what you might be missing out on…I did not for fifteen years. So if your boat is more like a skip than a freight liner…no worries…I chose door number two, Monty. (Am I showing my age with that quote!)

Tomorrow and the next few days we get very philosophical about this subject…hope you will join me for some of the more out there options…

Oh and to answer the burning question…how many did Mikael give Kirsty…four…clitoral (oral)…g-spot and anal with his fingers…and well, you will have to wait until Day 7 to find out about that last one. Do you think that if she had all her husbands in that big bed at once they could hit a grand slam home run with ALL 7 at once?

3 thoughts on “7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #4

  1. I have the most mind blowing orgasms from anal. We’re talking screaming to the point of waking the kids and a neighbor calling the cops to make sure everything was ok. Wonder if that’s why they’ve recently moved? lol

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