7 Types of Female Orgasms…Happy O #3

Today’s special pleasure is…Vaginal or deep cervical. This is the latest and most highly controversial of all the types of orgasm. Scientists assert that the deep vaginal wall and cervix have virtually no nerve endings, thus making this type of orgasm impossible. They assert that instead what the woman attributes to vaginal stimulation is most likely the rubbing of the clitoral hood during the act of penetration. Mind you know…what do they know about how the nerve endings inside the vagina work since these claims are based largely upon biopsy of dead women’s vaginas? I hope that I can come after death, but even I doubt that.

Now, I am only a woman, a multi-orgasmic woman. But my simple response to this is bull shit. This is a distinctly different sensation than a clitoral orgasm. For me, the internal vaginal contractions are less pronounced, but the overall pleasure is not diminished. If the g-spot can offers a taste of multi-orgasmic pleasure this is the buffet table, ladies. Through deep penetration, I can come almost constantly throughout sexual intercourse, which is probably exactly what was happening to Marilyn Chambers on that drive-in movie screen.

Remind me to tell you the story behind this 'present' sometime...but no it is NOT functional other than to open a bottle. Some things are just TOO big.
Remind me to tell you the story behind this ‘present’ sometime…but no it is NOT functional other than to open a bottle. Some things are just TOO big.

I do hate to admit this though. With this type of stimulation, the size of the waves does matter. It is called deep cervical for a reason. If your partner lacks the equipment to reach and stimulate this area, other than sex toys, there is no easy answer. But the good news is that it does not take the mythological ‘monster’ cock of porn movies and erotica to get the job done either. By experimenting with different positions, most ‘average’ sized men can easily accomplish the task. In fact, without a great deal of finesse that ‘monster’ cock can do more damage than good.

Back to positions…so which ones work best? Personally, I enjoy doggy and what I like to call heels to ears when my lover pushes my legs so far back that I can almost touch my ears with my toes. Both of these positions can prove highly productive for most ‘average’ men. Then you have the occasional stud from which we get all those incredibly true stories. And for those of you guys who are thinking…damn, I ain’t even average…don’t worry. Tomorrow we will discuss one especially for you.

All right from here on out, ladies and gentlemen, we get very controversial. Few within the recognized field of human sexual research would validate these claims. But still women, myself included, make anecdotal claims of sexual delights beyond the realm of science. I will rely heavily on personal experience and opinion over the next few days. But then again I have a lot of experience to rely upon.

So join me tomorrow for that very special chance for ‘pee-wee’ to take his lover to nirvana…

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