Yellow Snow…

I figure while we are debunking myths about female sexuality…we might as well tackle the biggie…the white elephant in the room. Besides multiple orgasms the least understood part of it (and no guys I am not drawing you a map to the clitoris…like Lewis & Clark it is something you have to find for yourself…worse yet the damned thing moves a tiny bit from woman to woman…just so we can make it extra hard on you).

Today we talk about…Female Ejaculation…Squirting as it is commonly called.

Not true in this case...
Not true in this case…

And the very first thing I want to get out of the way. No folks, it ain’t yellow snow. It is not pee…urine. How do we know?

1) Color…it is completely clear like water. Nothing yellow about it. But I am sure that does not convince all of you, so

2) PH…that little number that they use to determine if something is acid or base. Urine is usually acidic at around a 5 to 5.5 (water is 7). The female reproductive tract is somewhere between water and a slight base at 8. As is this stuff (imagine the geek who did that one?).

3) Smell…this stuff does not have the distinct urine smell. Oh no, its smell is something equally recognizable… sex… specifically the female sex organ… pussy. That is what it smells like because that is where it comes from, folks.

Now, if finding a multi-orgasmic partner was not rare enough…finding a squirter is even harder. And harder still is to actually be the one to make her squirt. Even with those of us who can do this…it is usually not an every day occurrence. In other words, we do not do it every single time we come. It takes a bit of work…a lot of finesse, guys.

Why? Probably that thing I told you about yesterday…the damned human brain. With these myths floating around out there, this is something that us girls just don’t feel comfortable doing with every old guy (or girl for that matter). My own first time…I was nine months pregnant (get so horny then…another post/another time). I thought my waters had broken the gush was so strong. Only twenty years later did I realize what it was. My second…marathon oral session and we both thought it was…yellow snow…and freaked out. So it was over five years…and learning through the Internet (thank you porn sites), what this really was before it happened again with me. And took me being really comfortable with my lover at the time. (It still does.)

So what does it? That thing I argued my professor down over…the G-spot. Deep, powerful G-spot stimulation is what it takes to trigger a female ejaculation. Sometimes with fingers and others with sexual intercourse. But that is the ticket…and usually prolonged too.

But if you are ever lucky enough to be the man, who triggers such a miracle…do not jump back like it is scalding water. Do not scream like someone threw acid in your eyes…it won’t blind you, I promise. Take it as what it is…a damned high compliment. It is one of those rare occasions where you have permission to beat your chest, swing from a vine and yell like Tarzan…king of jungle…master of the biggest cat of them all…the female pussy. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

And no, Kirsty (Ægir’s Captive/Ægir’s Bride) has not discovered this unique gift…yet. Any guesses which of her three Dom ‘husbands’ it will take to show her?

2 thoughts on “Yellow Snow…

  1. i’m guessing Mikael because of the chapter when they where together it kinda felt like he could be the one to trigger it or at least get her into that stage

  2. Reblogged this on 19storiesaboutsex and commented:
    I am lucky enough to have had a woman ejaculate on me. It is the single most erotic experience I have ever felt. We were totally as one that night. Our minds and bodies were so aroused. Tara’s words should be spread far and wide.

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