Big News….

So yesterday I announced in the comments on Chapter 14 of Ægir’s Captive that it will be the final chapter. But it is not the end of the story…not really. You see this time…I am allowing my books to mirror life. I am a huge country music fan and the words of a Tim McGraw song springs to mind “The end of an era and the turning of a page…” Most of us have probably even heard our lives compared to chapters in a book. But some changes are so monumental that it is not merely a new chapter…we are beginning a new book.

You may hear me say from time to time…in a former life…I am not talking reincarnation, well, other than that I believe we all hold the power to do just that…re-invent ourselves into new and better people any damned time we want. We are sometimes like caterpillars, who wrap themselves in cocoons. Only to emerge a beautiful butterfly. I did that recently. I have done that many times in my life…the stripper (not paint, folks, clothes…exotic dancer, burlesque, you choose), the preacher’s wife, the corporate type, the chef, the writer…and others.

Of course, even in life-altering changes we take pieces of ourselves, our experiences into the new. And so too will Kirsty. You will not need to learn new characters…

Kirsty is still an intensely lonely little girl inside. It is just that now she is seeking approval, love and acceptance from different people…Bjorn, Sven, Mikael and probably especially the mother that she has wanted for a life time, Petrine. To what lengths will she go to find that love? How can one woman be so many things to different people?

Sven is still determined to save their way of life…and pass it on to his son. He still forgets that he does not have to do all of that alone…that he has two brothers and now a wife, who want to help. Will he learn to bend just a bit? To accept the help that has been there all along?

Bjorn is still that ‘baby’ brother…the one who has spent a lifetime hiding the darkness inside of him from even those closest to him. Now that he finally has what he wants…can he find a way to keep it? Or will the darkness inside of him consume the one thing he wants most…her?

As for Mikael? He is still trying to break away, be his own man, step out of big brother’s shadows. And that just got a lot harder considering this time, he is actually sharing his wife with his brothers. And if he never found a way to make Greta love him for who he is…when he had monogamy and a ‘real’ marriage on his side, how the hell is he going to compete not just with big brother but with pretty boy little one too? Hell, he can’t even get his own child to love him. Is it any wonder he is a bit angry?

But now these people are not stuck on a boat in the middle of the rough seas of the English Channel or the Baltic. They are home. Well, the place where they were raised. Where their ancestors once ruled as Jarls and Kings. But they do not always fit there either. It is not always easy to make your own rules in this world. Except on the Holding…and that is what they are all trying to do…hold onto what matters the most to them.

Throw in a non-verbal, autistic five year old…a weathered fisherman, who like his son spent too many years in the shadows of his brothers…and a forward thinking and fiercely protective mother, who gets caught too often in the glistening webs of the past and forgets that the present and that future can be a pretty damn good place too…

Well, I hope that I can live up to all that…and that Kirsty gets a lot more sizzling HOT sex and soul-satisfying submission than I have been getting lately…

Oh wait, I forget…we all have the power to change things… It is one of the most important lessons of life and a central theme of my writing. I hope it is something you will remember too the next time you think…I hate my life. Then change it. Kirsty has made some tough choices and taken some huge risks to do it…and so have I. Including starting a whole new book called…Ægir’s Bride in BDSM category at Literotica.

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