Keeps getting harder…

And not in the good way either, folks.

It keeps getting harder to select a category for Ægir’s Captive. My mouse just spent five minutes hovering over the categories button at Literotica. In the end…I stuck it back in NonConsent/Reluctance just because 1) if I change category I might lose readers and 2) nothing else fit. Mind you Chapter 13 that posts tomorrow and 14 that I just submitted could go in NonErotic…I think, though there are vague references to sexy, erotic things even in those.

Hopefully the wrong category won't kill this story.
Hopefully the wrong category won’t kill this story.

My writer friend suggested that he would consider them BDSM. But I cannot in good conscience put them in that category as they break some of the core tenants, which I hold sacred (even when I break them myself). First of all, the kidnapping, which was the reason I stuck this story in NonConsent/Reluctance to begin with. No self-respecting or even crappy Dom would advocate kidnapping someone to be your submissive, let alone your wife. That is illegal, wrong and absolutely nothing to do with BDSM (role play aside…that is a whole other post). Secondly, the only one who has negotiated at all with her was Björn. No negotiations, no safe word = no play is what I would preach and advocate to anyone in the lifestyle.

So to me I cannot in good conscience put more factious accounts of the BDSM lifestyle out there…with hot hunky heroes that make women say to hell with the rules and drop the panties.

So again…what is a girl to do? A story that does not fit into any neat little box…has to come from me…story of my life.

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