What is in a name?

In one of the greatest love stories (and tragedies) ever written Juliet says of her Romeo:

RoseWhat’s in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet

I certainly hope so, because the past couple of chapters with Ægir’s Captive some readers have been displeased that the story no longer belongs in the Nonconsent/Reluctance category. If you judge strictly by the ‘nonconsent’ standard then they have a point. But that second one…reluctance…still applies and will for some time to come.

And who would not be ‘reluctant’? Married to three guys…from an uptight, middle class family? The idea of not knowing the true paternity of your children? That jump in human evolution to monogamy came when humans left their caves for that very reason. And there is still the element of the kidnapping, which she has not forgotten. But come on…could you resist Bjorn? Now, Mikael…he brings out her fight.

The thing is…this whole category/genre thing always does me in. I do not and never have fit into anyone’s neat little boxes. My tag line as an author is… “Writer, Madonna and More.” I defy explanation. So too do the stories I write. Usually they could fit into several genres…and none.

Personally, I consider every story that I write…a love story. Yes, even when Kirsty is being Sven’s good girl by cleaning up ‘her mess.’ If you have not tried it…do! I promise you that few things can be as intimate as staring into your lover’s eyes while you ‘clean’…wearing a French maid costume maybe? But try putting that scene in Romance at Lit with all his dirty talking? I would have the readers there screaming that he was humiliating her. But was he? Really?

So what do I do? That is always the question…in my life and my writing. One for which I still do not have an answer…

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