Pandora’s Box…

As the latest chapter of Ægir’s Captive posted today, I realized…I had opened a whole can of worms with Bjorn’s orgasm control and conditioning. As my bio says I do NOT generally write about things of which I do not have first-hand experience. And I definitely do with this one…the sweet and the bitter. So I am more than a bit conflicted about writing this, but I am the one that opened that Pandora’s Box…and this one really is just that.

First of all, is that even possible? Oh, hell yeah, it is. It is one of the most intense, intimate and special things that two lovers can share.

BUT…it is dangerous as fuck! That bit in the story about Bjorn reading about the woman who could not come after her Dom that had trained her left…that was my story too. And it was real. It took me weeks before I had my first. Months and another man whom I once loved and trusted to get them back fully. And if I am completely, one-hundred percent honest, I am not sure that I ever have…completely. Bjorn’s warning about any idiot can play with handcuffs and a paddle…and more than a few do…is especially true of this very deep form of Domination and submission. He knows that and I will not allow him to abuse the power as it was with me.

So to that burning question in all your minds…and that is flooding the Comments section…how the hell can that work with Sven and Mikael. Oh, yes, that can and is done. Doms do share…probably more than they should and definitely more lightly than these brothers take their commitment to their wife.

How? As simple as a kiss and permission in her ear. As easy as training her that it only is between them. Oh, and if…when…his brothers discover the little secret…the human mind is tricky. She can be trained to more than one trigger…more than one voice. So just as easily as she can be Bjorn’s sweet Freya…she can be Sven’s shieldmaiden…and Mikael’s…I’ll have to think on that one.

As I said…I am intensely conflicted on this one. It can too easily be abused. I run a forum on ‘that website’ where they met for subs who have been damaged by it. There are very few public postings but the private messages have ripped my heart out. The woman who had not come in twenty years. The woman, whose ex-husband could still use their trigger…and called to do just that from time to time…to remind her that she could never be totally free of him.

But as horrid as that all is…words fail to communicate how intense the experience is. Thankfully, Bjorn understands all of that…and his responsibility…in a way that too many Doms who are just playing games never do.

So there…your answers…and use the comments here to ask any other questions…

Anyone curious about the real Sven? The man that inspired me to start this story?

One thought on “Pandora’s Box…

  1. yes please write about sven and i understood why you had bjorn take control of her orgasms his character is more committed to the relationship that his brothers are so he would take it more seriously and be careful with the gift i just hope sven and mikael can learn to appreciate it too

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