Meet the Characters – Sven (Ægir’s Captive)

Sometimes even when you do the one thing you love the most, the one job you have wanted all your life…it still is not enough.

What do you do when you are fighting to hold back the very sands of time? When modernity is threatening the only way of life you have ever known, ever wanted? When you shoulder not just your own fate, but your brothers’? When you and your way of life are the endangered species?  When you fight rough seas from before dawn until late at night, standing side by side with the only men you can really trust to have your back in this crazy world…your brothers?

But what do you do when you collapse into bed alone every night to stare at the ceiling and wonder how much longer can you keep it all going? And for what? When it is all about family, tradition, generations upon generations…and yours may be the last? And all of that rests upon your shoulders?

When what you long for the most is a reason to go on? A child to one day inherit what you fought so hard to save? A son to share the joys as well as the trials of this rough existence…just as your father and uncles once did with you? A wife? Someone to hold in that big bed at night. Someone to talk to. And hell yes, someone to share your kinks with. Someone that needs your dominance as much as you need her submission?

And what if that someone tears your guts out every time you look at her? Makes you want things you never thought you would? Hope for things that are beyond your reach? And what if the one man that can give her all the things that you cannot was…your baby brother?


Share Sven Larsen’s struggles in Ægir’s Captive at Literotica.

Sven dressed quickly. It was easy since he had never fully undressed during their love making. This first time was about the capture. And quick though it had been it left him hungry to taste all of her rich flavors. But that would have to wait. Now that she was securely on board the boat, they still needed to make their escape. Harbor Masters and customs officers to deal with. And high tide was fast approaching. They could not afford to tarry another day. It would give her a chance to escape.

The whole time he dressed, he had been careful to avoid looking at his bed where she remained bound and so fucking helpless that his cock hardened just at the thought of it. He was not naïve enough to think that this was going to be easy. He knew better. Modernity was invading upon even their meager existence. Mikael had even tried its way, but that had proven disastrous. No, despite the impediments that they had thought so carefully through, worked so hard and spent good money to overcome, the ancient way was the only way. So after over four decades, Ӕgir’s Captive welcomed a new bride to her masters.

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