Meet the Characters – Mikael (Ægir’s Captive)

What if you spent your whole life…your whole fucking life…stuck in the middle? What if you wanted what your brother had? But a fluke of birth put him in charge…and destined you to always be…second mate? What if you envied even your baby brother…the jovial, easy way that nothing seemed to get to him?

What if the one time you tried to break free of those shadows…to have something all your own…you failed? What if the one woman you thought you loved, the woman you had entrusted with all your secrets, the mother of your child hated you so much that she tried to seduce your brothers? And when that failed she left…not just you…but your child, her child?

What if the only thing in this world that was truly yours was a little girl that was locked inside her own world? What if all you wanted was a hug and the words ‘Papa’ but your child could not give you even that? What if the thing you needed most was to find a way to bridge that gap?

And what if the woman that might hold the key made you feel things you swore you never would again? What if this time she could never be fully yours? What if once more…you are stuck in the middle…even with her, especially with her?

Could you find the courage to trust again? Could you open yourself to the possibility of rejection again…knowing that this time, this woman could hurt you worse than before?

Those are the dilemmas that Mikael Olafsen faces in Ægir’s Captive at Literotica


He watched as she shuffled about the room. He would have asked why him, but he knew. The woman had sensed that he was the weak link, that he wanted this the least of them all. And she had thought she could use that to manipulate the situation. Manipulate him. But he had had enough of women manipulating him to last a life time.

And as much as it pained him to admit, Mama was right…he might not want this, but he needed it. More even than his baby brother. His child’s very future depended upon binding this woman to them…to him and ultimately to Monika. He was not going to fail his daughter…not again. He might have been unable to stop her own mother from abandoning her, but he would not allow his own ‘issues’ to stop them now.

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