Meet the Characters – Kirsty (Ægir’s Captive)

What if you had lived your whole life to please other people? What if you spent six years with a man that you never loved…could never love…because he was the ‘right’ kind of man to please your parents? What if all you really had was a job that you loved, working with children who could never tell you thank you, never look you in the eye, never hug you the way you so desperately long to be? What if you had hundreds of Facebook friends from your days at boarding school and your time at university? But you spent your whole weekend alone in your flat eating Ben & Jerry’s and reading seedy erotic romance novels about women captured, taken and dominated not by one hunky hero but two…or three?

Then suddenly…you find yourself swept away into the very thing you wanted most? Fantasized about? Captured by three hot, hunky…and very haunted brothers. Attracted to each, drawn to them like that moth to the flame. What if everything you secretly desired was suddenly within your grasp? Would you have the courage to take a chance? Would you have the strength to risk nothing just to gain everything you ever dreamt of?

In Ægir’s Captive that is exactly what happens to Kirsty Dickens. But as she discovers…it is not always easy letting go of the things you are supposed to want…so you can grab hold of the ones your heart longs for the most.


Follow one woman’s struggles at Literotica.

But it was too late to consider that or any of the dozens of other questions that had plagued her for the past two hours, actually the past two days since agreeing to this crazy met. She inhaled deeply and stood slowly. She forced each foot in front of the other, watching her knee-high leather boots move across the worn floor of the train, willing her knees not to give out now.

A brief coffee with this mystery man, who had captured her imagination, that was all this was. Then she would be able to put him out of her mind, move on with her life, find another suitable boyfriend to please her parents even if he never made her pulse race the way it was now, the way it always did when she saw another of his emails in her inbox.

It was just her active imagination, too many erotic books and too long without even the sedate love makings of a man. There was nothing special about this one. Certainly nothing that would warrant this type of reaction. She had merely built him up in her mind, something larger than life. That was why this date, if you could call it that, was so important. She was certain that the reality of rough and weathered fisherman would dispel all her childish fantasies, she assured herself as she filed with the rest of people out of the car of the train. She squared her shoulders and ran through the speech that she had rehearsed for this moment as she fed her ticket through the automated turnstile.

The moment Kirsty looked up her breath froze in her lungs. Her heart threatened to pound out of her tight chest. Those knees that had been wobbly to begin with would have given way if not for the gigantic hand that reached across the stile to grip her elbow and draw her through the mechanism.


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