Meet the Character – Björn (Ægir’s Captive)

What if for as long as you could remember you heard fairy tales of happily ever afters? But what if they were not just fairy tales but the annals of your family history? What if it had always been her that haunted your dreams, your fantasies? The ‘one? Your one?

What if you found her? What if everything you have ever hoped for…wanted…dreamt of was within your grasp? What if she were perfection itself? Soft, curvy, warm, caring, welcoming, intelligent, funny…everything you had ever dreamt of…and more. The best friend that the lonely little boy had longed for when the sea claimed his father, uncles and brothers. She was all that…and a bag of chips.

BjornHell, she even seemed to crave that darkness deep inside of you, that intensity that you hide from the world, from even those closest to you. She embraces it as much as she embraces you, welcomes you into her warmth.

But what if your brothers…the very brothers you longed most to share this joy…share her with…threatened it all? What if they held the power to scare her away…push her away? What if that was what they seemed determined to do? Where does your loyalty lie? The brothers with whom you have fished the sea, shared trials and troubles, death and sorrow? Or the woman that you have waited a life time to hold, the woman you love as you never imagined possible? What would you do? Who would you choose? What lengths would you go to make certain you never had to?

These are the dreams and nightmares that haunt Björn Stigsen in Ægir’s Captive at Literotica.

Why did Sven and especially Mikael have to ruin this for him? He had waited his whole life for this…for her. While Sven dreamt of fish and making Ægir’s Captive a success, while Mikael dreamt of breaking free from their big brother’s long shadow and asserting himself as his own man, he dreamed of one thing…coming home to her.

Of course, he had not known who she was then. But ever since he was a teen, his wife, their wife had consumed his dreams. Sure, he was not chaste, what good would that do them? But other women had always been more about learning to please her than pleasing himself.

Then he remembered how wide her eyes had gotten last night when they told her their destinies. He had wanted to be the one to spend the night with her then. To hold her and reassure her that it would not be that bad…that despite what society might think, loving three men could be easier than one.

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