About Tara…

This is always the hardest part. For a writer, you would think it would be easy to tell the world all about themselves. But which me?


One of the few ‘whoppins’ I got as a child began when my sixth grade math teacher caught me writing a fairy tale in her class. I did not get a spanking for that though but lying about it to my mother…just to reassure you. But for a child that struggled to read until I was ten years old, books have always been my escape. In them, I can be anyone, go anywhere, do anything. And from the moment that I wrote that first fairy tale…’whoppin’ or not…this girl was hooked. If no one ever read a word I wrote, if I never make a dime (and right now that’s about how much I am making at this)…I would still be a writer at heart.

These days though I am in the infancy of establishing myself as a ‘real’ writer. I have chosen to indie publish my fiction and non-fiction works because I am also a rebel and a control freak. I do not want ‘big business’ choosing my covers, changing my words, or taking most of the money.

Honestly, one of the biggest problems is describing what I write…it is not strictly your Mama’s trashy romance novels…my characters are too complicated and real for that. It is not wank-fodder erotica either as the stories contain so much more than simply HOT sex (though there is plenty of that)…my stories lines are as complex and twisted as life itself. And darnation, I keep ruining all that good wild crazy sex with morals to the story. I suppose if I have to list a genre it would be…life…real life…real love…and almost real people.


MommyOne of the biggest struggles for kick-starting this writing thing has been and may always be…I am a single mother to a beautiful little girl with high-functioning autism and epilepsy. (Oh, she is one of a matched set of six…but the only one that still lives at home…others are all grown up now.) Because schools could not meet her complex medical, behavioral or intellectual needs, I have home educated for almost four years. That job is 24/7…365 days. So unfortunately writing must be fit in around our every day struggles…to find clothes where the tag or the seams do not bother her, to find food that she will eat (there are only about three dozen of them), to live in a world that is too bright, too loud, too smelly, where there are never enough hours in the day for her to run, jump, and climb. Our life is always…higher, faster, more…more…MORE! So if I am a bit slow getting out that next chapter in your favorite story, blame PanKwake. Oh, I blog about those struggles too in the hopes of raising awareness about autism, epilepsy and unschooling. You may even find those themes in a few of my fiction stories too.


That part of my tagline was once upon a time a play upon words…the Madonna/whore complex. But honestly these days, the writer and the Madonna leave no time for a personal life. But do not think I am one of those pathetic old women who live their lives through their characters…with the possible exception of gay male and transgender sex…I have tried what I write about. That is why my scenes of breath play…knife play…kneeling…menage and more…are so powerful. I know those feelings because I have lived them. Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away anyway.

So other than…please feel free to message or email me with questions I guess that is me…Tara Neale – Writer, Madonna and More…

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